Our Vision, Mission, Values and Drive at Crust Solutions Inc.

Our Values

Through the provision of Smart Technology Solutions, we aspire to be renowned for our capacity to assist our customers in becoming more competitive, in a world where businesses transact at an unprecedented speed.

The internet's potential to engage a global and real-time market promises to define what will become the ground rules for commerce in the 21st century. Excited about what the future holds, we would like to lead our customers to the next level, one day at a time.

Our Business Model

Crust Solutions markets and supports its products through Valued Channel Partners, Infrastructure provisioning programs and strategic partnerships with Remote service providers. In addition to our own expertise, we foster close ties with a select group of value-added resellers to provide clients with specialized knowledge on relevant expertise and technologies.

Our Team

Our team includes some of the very best IT people in the industry that have a thorough understanding of what the world?s premier software solutions can do to help corporations, such as yours, achieve their full potential and improve their competitive edge.

Our people are our greatest asset, and we therefore invest in enhancing their knowledge and skills, and continuously keeping them up to date with various technological advancements. Such an attitude means that the Crust Solutions team of professionals commands an exceptional set of talents, motivation, and a determination to excel at everything they commit to. The end result is our corporate clients? absolute confidence in our professionalism and capabilities, which is demonstrated by the sustained and positive development of our relationship with them. In order to enhance our market leadership, we continue to form strategic partnerships and alliances with only the best of information technology companies.

In addition, we invest in IT companies to further strengthen our ability to deliver the required solutions. As part of our commitment to deliver products and services of the highest quality to all of our valued customers, we have developed a set of processes that enable us to continuously improve all aspects of our operations and strengthen our market share. These processes conform to internationally recognized Business models.


Our History

2008 -

In the middle of 2008, the first unofficial meeting was held. This meeting was held in Johannesburg SA, in a hangar where the then to be director and his colleagues were working for a handling company in Botswana. From the onset the vision was to provide services to help improve the way Information and communication technology impact on our daily lives as individuals. However these concepts at the time were suited for the South African social space since that was where the concepts were first born.

2009 -

Owing to a couple of factors, Ghana, our homeland was selected as the ideal place to begin rolling out the project from. For professional support the founder and his team began making business contacts and partnerships in the US. In May 2009 the motto for the company was coined, depicting what it would stand for. This motto "...rethink tomorrow, today!.."

tries to make the future a better place by rethinking our procedures and technologies in place to solve the problems of tomorrow.


2010 -
The name, Crust Solutions was chosen, to depict the strength of innovative solutions that the company was to stand for. Later that year the company was incorporated in Accra, Ghana at the Registrar of Companies with financial associates selected. This year also saw the beginning of the partnership between Crust Solutions and the renowned NGO, The Fragnah Kairos, Foundation for all corporate social responsibilities that the company intendeds to carry out in the future.
2011 -
The First official board of directors were selected and Crust Solutions had its very first three members of staff. Crust Solutions also enterded into reseller partnership with VPS provisions companies and data centres in the US and UK to help facilitate its provision of services. Most of the policies were formulated for both staff and customers. Revisionary SLA's and templates were prepared to ensure Crust Solutions had a smooth take-off when launched.
2012 -
The official website www.crustsolutions.com was launched. This website provided a very effective marketing tool to help disseminate information all the various portfolios that Crust Solutions has to offer its clientele.

Join a Great Team..

Be part of something great! Whether you're an engineer, a project manager, managing our clientele base or you're working on a helpdesk dealing with a range of customers, you'll find Crust Solutions is an exceptional place to work. We believe that every one of our staff has a key role to play in our success, and so we make sure that we focus on yours! We hope to become a market leader by delivering an exceptional service. We know that the way to do this is by recruiting and retaining the very best people in the market place. So, we offer industry-leading training and development, with a career path that can take you on to the Board! We pride ourselves on our culture of recognising and rewarding exceptional service.

We believe in treating each other with respect and dignity, and we give everyone an equal opportunity to get on. We have virtual offices throughout Ghana and parts of America and currently employ a good number of skilled staff. In 2012 we created over 16 new jobs across Ghana. And at Crust - with its exceptional service and exceptional people - we offer a truly exceptional career.

Who we are...

Crust Solutions Inc. is a group with an aim to improve IT service delivery in Ghana. Crust Solutions Inc provides managed services, Dedicated Private Servers, IaaS Solutions, Storage solutions and many more at highly competitive prices with impeccable service.

Contact Us

  • 6th Nii Okai Street,
  • Demod North-Kaneshie.
  • P.O. Box 4368 GP
  • Accra, Ghana
  • Tel +233 (0302)902719
  • E-mail: info[@]crustsolutions.com