Disaster Recovery

Disasters, however horrid and dreaded by IT teams the world over, still remain a reality. There are numerous forms in which IT disasters may hit you and your organization.

Through proper procedures and strategies we can help minimize our exposure to a fair degree of disasters. These strategies include the implementation of redundancy, remote replication offsite, access controls etc, however sometimes employing such technologies or solutions might not be cost effective. Most disasters that arise from natural causes such as floods, earthquakes, fire and storms may leave your entire IT infrastructure not operational. At Crust Solutions we help companies secure their environments, making them less susceptible to such troubles. We understand that it isn?t always cost effective to have remote replication locations so we take backups and keep them off site; we understand that not all organizations can afford totally redundant platforms so we use virtualized infrastructure where possible. Making the little but very important decisions to bring innovations to help save cost but safeguard for the future.

Crust Solutions will stick with you and your organization even through the tough times, ensuring that you recover from the disaster and all your systems and associated services are back up fully. We will give you advice on how to recover your troubled platforms and educate you on how to make yourself not vulnerable to future occurrences. However we do advice organizations to call us now for disaster recovery planning since we have experienced that the most troubling forms of disaster recovery take place when the disaster has already occurred. 
Let?s be proactive in our implementations... pick a phone to day and contact us. Crust Solutions ...rethink tomorrow, today!

Who we are...

Crust Solutions Inc. is a group with an aim to improve IT service delivery in Ghana. Crust Solutions Inc provides managed services, Dedicated Private Servers, IaaS Solutions, Storage solutions and many more at highly competitive prices with impeccable service.

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