Physical Dedicated Servers

At Crust Solutions, we know the importance of IT Infrastructure to an organization; we also acknowledge the cost of setting up such infrastructure to meet the requirements in

order to help improve the operations of our organizations. However in some cases the total cost of ownership for such systems may not be available, the period of return on investment, should the cost of ownership be incurred would be too long. For such cases we at Flint provide fresh, efficient, cost effective measures to enable you realize the full potentials of your organization through consolidated IT infrastructure that you do not totally own. Crust Solutions, with support from our Overseas Services Data centres can provide organizations with the state of the art servers, network and storage systems. We relieve you of the need to purchase all the highly priced equipment. These services provided by Flint Innovations are totally flexible. Customers have the liberty to determine the type of equipment they require and the resources that should be available to their systems such as Memory, storage space and processor types. Our infrastructure also runs on a range of standard Operating systems which can be completely managed by the customer or by our trained engineers. The data centres that host these equipment is built to conform to international standards using the best technologies in power provision, cooling and fire suppression, all this to ensure maximum availability of your systems. Maintenance of these sever is totally transparent to the customer.

We replace CRU's and FRU's without interruption to the services, for free. If the need for downtime would be required, we arrange this with the customer and ensure that the effects to the business are kept at the barest minimum. However since these services are remotely sited. It is customer duty to ensure that they have a reliable network connection to the site. We will provide consultation and free advice on how to achieve this as duly required. Data hosted on our dedicated private servers is highly encrypted, secure and safe with detailed agreements regarding its confidentiality. We guarantee that no other individual or organizations will have access to data on these systems. Despite backups being carried out at the data centre, we do provide platforms to enable organizations perform their own backup?s onsite for safe keeping. Since the administrative responsibilities of Dedicated Private servers are shared between us and the customer staff. The human resource requirement for the organizations is relived a bit, helping the organization to cut down costs. Our Dedicated Physical servers are very easy to use and administer and give the customer a high level of control.

Bandwidth usage to and from the site is unlimited and the customer can upgrade resources as and when necessary to the operations. Through this venture we are able to provide enterprise level reliability and services to all scales of business irrespective of their balance sheets. More over these services are quick to set up and we will provide rapid support from our service desk to help resolve issues as they arise promptly. For a quote in regard to our Dedicate Private Servers kindly contact us.

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Crust Solutions Inc. is a group with an aim to improve IT service delivery in Ghana. Crust Solutions Inc provides managed services, Dedicated Private Servers, IaaS Solutions, Storage solutions and many more at highly competitive prices with impeccable service.

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