Service Desk Support

Service desks are centralized points for the reporting and allocation of resources to attend to faults operating closely or sometimes even integrated into L1 of the support hierarchy,

Service desks receive the faults through their varied notification systems. These notification systems could be snmp traps, mibs or even proactive case creation from the customer detailing the problem through some case management platform. On receipt of such notifications, service desks attempt to allocate engineers and resources to attend to the problem. The nature and timely fashion in which this is done is what determines the ability for an organisations system to withstand technical glitches. Service desks take over the entire co ordination of cases reassigning them and helping in the escalation if necessary. When the case is finally resolved the service desk will close the case in agreement with the owner of the incident or the customer. At Crust Solutions, we provide a 24h follow the sun, service desk to our potential customers.

These teams carry out 1st grade case management and coordination, employing experienced judgment and punctuality to ensure that downtime in your environment is eliminated or brought to the barest minimum. Our service desks conform to the ITILL v3 model, an internationally recognized proper way of handling cases from inception through to resolution. Our teams are technically skilled to make the bold decisions in regard to your infrastructural problems. These portfolios at Crust are to help you and your members of staff concentrate more on your market purpose and leave the issues regarding the operation and management of IT infrastructure to us. Crust Solutions also provides a comprehensive preventive maintenance report to the customer quarterly or monthly depending on the load on the systems and agreed contract levels. This report is a resultant of detailed checks of your covered infrastructure ranging from LUN free space, applications to FRU?s and CRU?s such as power supplies and memory.

This is to prevent issues from degeneration before we become aware of them. Adopting the Preventive maintenance culture will ensure that you notice a trend in utilization before resources begin to run out. It also ensures that you know exactly when u loose redundancies to a particular subsystem, making sure you are always one step ahead of your problems.

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Crust Solutions Inc. is a group with an aim to improve IT service delivery in Ghana. Crust Solutions Inc provides managed services, Dedicated Private Servers, IaaS Solutions, Storage solutions and many more at highly competitive prices with impeccable service.

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