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Information Technology Systems have evolved rapidly over the last decade. Unfortunately our

Educations systems have not been able to keep up to the pace, this has been an issue identified by most of our channel partners. In order to remain competitive in today?s market, businesses and organizations have to employ efficient systems with cutting edge technology. This enables them to carry out their operations cost effectively. Owing to the high cost of components that make up Information Technology systems, e.g. Servers, network gear and storage systems, Organizations really don?t have the room for errors. Systems or solutions implemented wrongly will continue to affect the operations of the organization and hinder growth. Major IT roll outs are very difficult to scrap, since the cost involved usually runs into the thousand or probably millions of dollars in respect to the organizations size.
More over the value allotted to these roll outs are generally a quota or percentage of the overall budget. Raising these funds afresh will most probably draw questions from the board and other stakeholders affected. This just goes to say, the strategic roll out of a Solution is a very important and expensive exercise which should be undertaken with utmost care. Teams to which this responsibility be entrusted should demonstrate previous experience in this role at similar scales. Carrying out such project does not provide room for errors and thus the extra caution should be taken.

At Crust Solutions we have the requisite expertise, with years of experience implementing large scale roll outs. We have specialist engineers and consultants in all major components of your potential systems; these include Cisco, Avamar, EMC, HP, Sun Solaris, Linux, Symantec, Dell and many more. At Crust our innovation and technical designs are considered a token of loyalty to our cherished customers. We would gladly take the time to come to your site, study the solutions in place and advice you on how to make them serve you better. To help our customers make the most of our professional services, Crust Solutions have tried to make these services moderately priced and free in some instances.
The Major line of consulting services Crust Solutions provides includes the following:
Infrastructure Consultancy
- Data centre Design
- Data centre Cooling
- Data centre Power
- Data centre backup power (Gen.Set/ UPS)
- Data centre safety implementation
- Data Centre Network Cabling Solutions
- SAN / NAS Solutions
- Archiving Solutions
- Server (Intel/Sparc)

To serve you better, Crust Solutions brings added value to its customers by providing expert consultation on platforms appropriate to meet the ultimate goals of the Solution. These platforms range from Sparc based platforms, x86 platforms, Symantec etc. We also have specialist teams that provide services ranging from Virtualization, Cloud computing Services through our partners, Preventive Maintenance, and disaster recovery operations. These services are separate from our managed services, Organizations should closely study the gains and losses involved in either options and contact us for assistance where necessary. Most of the managed services come bundled with the value added services such as Preventive Maintenance, and consultancy for free. We are also obliged to stick with you in times of difficulty and thus may provide free disaster recovery if applicable and necessary; however we at Flint Innovations work round the clock to avoid running into such situations. Kindly give us a call and lets help move your IT department and organization as a whole to greater heights...!

Who we are...

Crust Solutions Inc. is a group with an aim to improve IT service delivery in Ghana. Crust Solutions Inc provides managed services, Dedicated Private Servers, IaaS Solutions, Storage solutions and many more at highly competitive prices with impeccable service.

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